Stray Dog Society Sponsorship

Join our Community and Support The Citadel

Looking to become a sponsor for the Stray Dog Society? We offer a range of sponsor packages to suit your preferences and demonstrate your unwavering support.

Contact Us to Become a Sponsor

Elisa Hensley, our expert in donations and sponsorships, is your go-to person at the Stray Dog Society. With an impressive background as the Director of Operations for the National Medal of Honor Leadership and Education Center, and as the Assistant Director of The Stray Dog Society, Elisa and her team are well-equipped to address all your sponsorship inquiries. They will gladly walk you through the diverse sponsorship opportunities available.


If you don’t find a package that perfectly aligns with your requirements below, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are more than happy to create a customized sponsorship package tailored to your needs.

Sponsorship Levels

Stray Dog

$1,100 Contribution

Get in on the Fun

Big Dog

$2,500 Contribution

Run With the Big Dogs

Top Dog

$5,000 Contribution

Get the Royal Treatment

Lead Dog

$10,000 Contribution

Get All the Bells and Whistles

* Excludes CofC and USC

** Upon request